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  • Digital Marketing Manager

    If you live and breathe marketing, we need to talk.
    We’re looking for a flexible and versatile Marketing Manager who will be responsible for the growth of our inbound sales channels and key customer accounts.
    - Develop a comprehensive marketing plan with objectives, strategies and tactics across the entire customer life cycle
    -Oversee the marketing budget and determine ROI on an ongoing basis Monitor and report on the effectiveness of marketing communications programs against the plan goals
    - Co-ordinate all marketing campaigns with the sales and account management teams and other internal customers and own their implementation from ideation to execution
    - Experiment with a variety of organic and paid acquisition channels -- content creation, content curation, pay per click campaigns, event management, publicity, social media, lead generation campaigns, customer retention programs, copywriting, performance analaysis, and more
    - Supervise, hire and train the marketing team including a second-in-command; Identify, select and manage external contractors as necessary
    - Supervise the creation and publication of all marketing materials in line with the marketing plan; develop a marketing calendar as part of the planning process
    - Plan, develop and manage a comprehensive public relations and social media program
    - Oversee brand management, corporate identity and the creation of new brands and product names
    - Serve as the top customer advocate in the company; manage, measure, report and communicate customer satisfaction metrics to all stakeholders
    - Work closely with HR to support employee communication, recruitment, loyalty and retention efforts
    - Keep up to date on the latest marketing techniques and constantly test, measure and refine new methods
    We expect the candidate to have the following skills:
    - Fluent English
    - Knowledge of German would be a plus
    - Broad knowledge of digital marketing and other marketing methods
    - Excellent written skills and ability to manage a creative team under deadline pressure
    - Min. 5-7 years performing similar tasks in a similar business
    - Result oriented approach and attention to details
    - Creativity, curiosity, strong charisma and the temperament to work well with others
    - Passion for customers both externally and internally
    Important: We are looking for an efficient multitasker who would not only be able to manage the team's efforts, but also to resolve them on his/her own. Submit vc


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